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ButanGas gets Legality Rating

ButanGas has obtained the Legality Rating, an acknowledgement issued by the Competition and Market Authority (AGCM), in agreement with the Ministries of the Interior and Justice.

This certificate rewards companies that comply with the law and stand out for their transparency and their operation according to ethical, clear and sound principles.
It is an innovative tool that defines and indicates companies’ respect for legality as well as their degree of attention to proper business management.

An award that makes us proud and distinguishes us on the national LPG scene, and which represents a further stimulus with a view to increasing attention to transparency and correct behaviour towards all our customers, suppliers and collaborators.

An achievement that reinforces the image and reputation of ButanGas as a company concerned with issues of legality and that constitutes for us a further confirmation of the founding ethical values of our company.

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