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LPG: the most sustainable fossil fuel
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More than seventy years, always full of energy

15 branches, 15 operating units and 9 large product storage and bottling plants throughout the national territory. ButanGas was born from a happy intuition and years of solid research, transformed every day into experience. For this reason, since 1948 ButanGas has always been one step ahead.


Energy Rete Srl is the network of 10 multifuel stations owned by ButanGas for the distribution of petrol, diesel, methane and LPG.


In addition, ButanGas guarantees the distribution of LPG in other 15 service stations scattered throughout the national territory.

Electricity and Natural Gas

Not just LPG. Now ButanGas also offers Electricity and Natural Gas. The enrichment of the proposal allows to optimize consumption by adapting to the customer’s needs with personalized advice.

Attention to the customer is expressed not only in the quality of the service but also, and above all, in the possibility of establishing a direct relationship with the manager to promptly satisfy any kind of request.

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Emergency Service for municipal distribution network

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