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LPG tanks

ButanGas offers on loan a wide range of horizontal or vertical LPG tanks to be placed above ground and underground, to satisfy every need.


ButanGas tanks are made of high-quality steel and designed to contain LPG up to a maximum working pressure of 17.7 bar: a special safety valve prevents excessive internal overpressure and ensures the stability of the tank.


Safety guides our every action: installation, refuelling and periodic checks. The safety valve is replaced every two years without additional costs, and every 10 years we carry out more in-depth analyses to evaluate the state of the tanks.

LPG tanks


295 litres vertical 230,000
990 litres vertical/horizontal 400,000
1,650 litres vertical 650,000
1,750 litres horizontal 900,000
3,000 litres horizontal 1,200,000
5,000 litres horizontal 2,000,000

The installation process:

1 – Inspection
One of our technicians carries out a careful inspection and checks the conditions for a correct installation and subsequent refilling, in compliance with all the minimum legal limits.

2 – Technical-economic offer
Following the inspection, a customised technical-economic offer, including customer protection clauses, is presented.

3 – Installation
Once the economic agreement has been signed, our technicians go to the site and proceed with the installation in a short time.

4 – Fire Prevention Measures

Once the tank has been installed, our technicians draw up and present all the regulatory requirements for fire prevention to the Provincial Fire Brigade.

5 – Distribution
Refilling is carried out quickly and promptly on request by tanker trucks.

6 – After-sales
We guarantee a 24 hour a day service in the event of a gas leak or other problems related to the safety of the plant – Toll-free phone number 800 327 327.

Small Tanks Promo

200 litres of LPG for free to all those who sign a new small tank supply contract from 1 April to 31 October and complete a first minimum refilling of 700 litres (500 litres + 200 litres for free).

Promo 200 litres for free

200 litres of LPG for free for all users who recommend new customers for the installation of tanks.

Technical information on tanks

Manual for small tanks

all linear measurements are expressed in metres

LITRES D d L l H Weight kg LPG capacity in kg
990 0.80 0.45 2.20 1.20 1.31 300 415
1,800 1.00 0.63 2.53 1,37 1.38 500 735
3,000 1.20 0.67 2.90 1.40 1.56 700 1,260
5,000 1.20 0.67 4.70 3.23 1.56 1,000 2,100

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