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Municipal Distribution Network

Municipal Distribution Network

The solution for small off-grid municipalities

ButanGas Municipal Distribution Networks are a practical, convenient and safe solution for users in small towns. Practical: it reaches areas not served by the methane network. Convenient: it allows everyone to pay on consumption. Safe: it is designed and manufactured according to current regulatory standards and guaranteed by ButanGas.

The emergency service for reporting gas leaks, supply irregularities or interruptions is free and active 24 hours a day, every day of the year: 800 971997

Tax relief

For the use of LPG for cooking and/or domestic hot water production, the Italian law provides a VAT reduction to a rate of 10%.

In addition, Italian Law No 448/98 provides for a relief on excise duties for certain geographical areas not reached by the methane gas distribution network.

Emergency service

Emergency Service for municipal distribution network

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