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Single-user meter

The efficiency of LPG,
the convenience of the meter

ButanGas designs, manufactures and manages single-user meters for the distribution of LPG, ensuring gas supply and complete assistance 24 hours a day.

The ButanGas single-user meters are safe, clean and inexpensive. The high calorific value of LPG ensures higher yield and lower consumption compared to other energy sources.

ButanGas guarantees triple convenience for the customer through the metered supply:

  • Paying according to what is actually consumed
  • Ensuring the technical management of the entire plant
  • Completion of all fire prevention procedures

ButanGas also guarantees a technical assistance service active 24 hours a day for every need: Toll-Free Phone Number 800 327 327

The T.U.A. (consolidated law of excise duties) provides for a 90% reduction in the rate in force for the use of LPG in centralised systems for industrial use, in order to use LPG in the production cycle and not for heating.

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