CNG for automotive - ButanGas


Many ButanGas refueling stations offer compressed natural gas among the dispensable products; the strengths of this fuel are many:

  • Economical
  • Free movement
  • Incentive


We address private customers and companies who have chosen this alternative fuel with low polluting emissions by offering an agreement with our fuel distribution network.

For those who travel many kilometers and want to have an ecological car, natural gas offers the ideal solution. CNG vehicles are not very polluting and for this reason the subject of bonuses and incentives from governments, moreover the cost of fuel allows significant savings compared to petrol and diesel cars.

Savings are also guaranteed by some tax advantages such as those reserved for the stamp duty which, although varying from region to region, also comes with total exemption as in Lombardy. Finally, another opportunity is represented by the possibility of circulating within the ZTL.

ButanGas also stands alongside refueling stations that deliver CNG by offering the supply of the product.

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