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ButanGas Municipal Distribution Networks are a practical, convenient and safe solution for users in small towns. Practical: it reaches areas not served by the methane network. Convenient: it allows everyone to pay on consumption. Safe: it is designed and manufactured according to current regulatory standards and guaranteed by ButanGas.

Safety: a fundamental value for ButanGas

The emergency service for reporting gas leaks, supply irregularities or interruptions is free and active 24 hours a day, every day of the year: 800 97 19 97

LNG allows you to heat your home in winter and cool it in summer, produce sanitary hot water and heat for cooking.

Heating and Cooling

Warm your home with ButanGas LNG and discover all the advantages of sustainable, safe and always-available energy. During summer, thanks to innovative equipment such as gas heat pumps, you can also cool your home with LNG.

Production of sanitary hot water

You can have all the hot water you need in an instant, using ButanGas LNG in the tank.


Choose LNG in the kitchen too. The high calorific value makes it a highly efficient fuel and shortens the cooking time, saving you money.

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Emergency Service for municipal distribution network

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