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Wallbox: the charging column
for your company

The solution for electric charging of your car

From today ButanGas is able to provide you with Smart solutions for electric recharging both for private vehicles (home) or for company vehicles or fleets (company).

Many companies have begun the process of converting their company fleet to electric: greater autonomy of electric vehicles, convenient rental fees and government incentives make the use of electric vehicles for corporate mobility increasingly cost-effective.

In addition, together with the home, the workplace is an essential point where you can recharge your vehicle, either hybrid or electric, for private use.

The investment in a corporate charging infrastructure (column and electrical system) can also bring important benefits in terms of image and service for customers and visitors.

The charging stations can be with fixed socket, compatible with any electric car, or with integrated charging cable more comfortable to use but less flexible, each one can also be equipped with a monitoring software, ideal to count all the recharges performed by different electric vehicles or users.

Quick recharging stations are available on the market, which are easy to install and can also be integrated into existing electrical systems.

The installation of the charging station does not require authorizations or permissions from Authorities; in fact, it becomes a company system, installed and managed autonomously by the company.

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