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How to read your bill

Read or download the bill reading guide in pdf format and you will find all the information you need to understand in detail the items that make up your electricity bill. A clear and transparent way to always be close to you.

1 – Customer code and market type

This is the unique code that identifies your profile: it is necessary for all communications with ButanGas (together with the POD if you have multiple active users).

The reference market is the Free one, i.e. on the terms negotiated with ButanGas.

2 – Header
Always check that the header and address for sending the bill are correct.

3 – Bill data
This section has the no. of the document, the date of issue, the type of bill (i.e. “summary”, while for a “detailed” bill you need to call the Toll-free Number) and the period to which the billing refers, subject to adjustments.

4 – Amounts, consumptions, payment methods

These are all your bill totals: consumption, amount to be paid and due date.

Activate direct debit with your bank, and never worry about having to pay your bill!

5 – Supply and billing data
Here you will find the technical characteristics of the supply including the POD, the code that uniquely identifies your point of supply, and the energy delivery address. The name of the free market contract (“offer type”) and the activation date are also shown.

6 – Payment status
Always make sure your payment status is up-to-date.

7 – Amounts billed
The summary table has the amounts divided by items, expressed in Euros and as a percentage of the total bill. The only negotiable item is that relating to Energy. The remaining amounts refer to pass-through charges, due by law.

8 – Contact details of the seller
Here are all the ways to communicate with ButanGas.

9 – Distributor contact details
Here are all the ways to report failures or malfunctions: the activity is the responsibility of the local distributor, not ButanGas.

10 – Average unit cost
Here you will find the unit cost of your bill: total and relative to the cost of energy.

11 – Data relating to meter reading and consumption
here you will find the meter readings and the consumptions related to your bill: the meter readings can be “detected” or “estimated” and consequently the “real” or “estimated” consumption. To avoid adjustments, carry out self-reading every month and send it to or call the toll-free number 800 801 810 and communicate it!

12 – Historical consumption
In the table you can find the consumption of the last 12 months (or from the date of activation of the contract if more recent 12 months) divided by time slot.

Resolution 200/2015/R/COM established that all bills issued after 1 January 2016 must have a standardised billing format for greater simplicity and clarity.


ARERA Glossary

It is possible to download and consult the Glossary for Electricity prepared by ARERA (Regulatory Authority for Energy Networks and Environment) aimed at clarifying the terms recurring in the bills.

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