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Electric charging stations

Electric charging stations

ButanGas is interested in the evolution of the automotive sector and closely follows the development of electric mobility.

Currently, the expansion of electric vehicles and investments in charging stations mainly concern large cities, which are more sensitive to the issue of environmental sustainability because they are burdened by atmospheric pollution.

The spread of electric vehicles involves the need for recharging points and ButanGas has planned the insertion of electric charging stations at its fuel systems, in the car parks of the accommodation facilities (Ho.Re.Ca sector) which can provide an additional service to its customers and in the car parks of companies, to serve the electric cars of their employees.

It is also necessary to carefully choose the right infrastructure equipped with a standard European plug to speed up charging operations or, if this is not present, obtaining an adapter cable.

The charging meter and protection devices complete the ideal package.

ButanGas also proposes itself as a partner for the supply of electricity for business and micro business realities.

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