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LNG for transport

ButanGas promotes itself in Italy as a partner for the supply of LNG plants and strongly supports liquid methane as a transition fuel towards full electric with particular attention to heavy vehicles.

LNG trucks offer on average 15% less fuel consumption compared to traditional diesel engines with a range of approximately 1,500 kilometers, emit 99% less polluting particles and offer an additional benefit when the journey includes urban areas because they can be accessed.

This product, if vaporized, offers among the most obvious advantages, the occupation of a smaller volume than the natural gas of the network, thanks to its lower operating temperature (-160 ° C vs ambient temp.). This allows for a faster and greater filling of the vehicle tank.

LNG is ideal for installations where natural gas from the city network or pipeline is absent or the supply pressure is low and / or discontinuous.

Another application is the adoption of an internal distributor at public transport or trucking companies.

This type of product is suitable for fleets of buses and trucks, private transport companies for waste collection vehicles and private vehicles.

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