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The charging stations for domestic use, which go under the name of Wallbox, are wall charging systems that allow you to recharge your car quickly and through a compact solution.

They represent a fundamental choice for users having electric or hybrid car, since the house is the main charging point, where the car can be recharged during stops with relatively little power (kW) available.

Installing a Wallboxes domestic charging station offers maximum safety: in fact, normal power sockets are not designed and built to withstand high power for many continuous hours.

The modern lithium batteries used on vehicles can still take advantage of small partial recharges: Wallbox owners can freely charge their car every time they park in their garage or parking space; in fact, they rarely make a full recharge, usually they make “top-ups”, leaving the “fill up” for the night.

The consumption of an electric car (expressed in kWh) depends on the vehicle and in particular on its battery power: vehicles with a larger battery capacity can run more kilometres but require more energy for a full recharge.

Recharging through Wallbox also offers important services and functions: it is possible to program recharges remotely, have real-time information on the state of charge, track the consumption and cost of recharges made up to optimize the recharge, for example, based on the production of your photovoltaic system.

Safety and compatibility

Wallboxes are safe and compatible with all models of electric cars and are suitable for installation in any place according to Italian regulations.

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